Woodward High School

Class Of 1960

Woodward High School

Cincinnati, Ohio

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October 7, 2017


Where: Montgomery Inn,

9440 Montgomery Road,

Montgomery, OH 45242

When: 7 October 2017
Time: 6:00 pm -
Cost: $37.00 per person  (includes tax and tip)

Choice of 5-entrees, Cash Bar


CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS REUNIONS AT the Montgomery Inn: We are asking our classmates to send in their money ahead of time. This makes it easier for the Montgomery Inn to keep track of all the meals and what is owed. Other expenses are being incurred and so donations for these uncovered event expenses are requested. This is to keep the cost of the reunion as low as possible so that many can afford to attend. We have been fortunate in the past to receive many donations which have helped us to reduce the cost of the reunion per person, and to pay for extra expenses.

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Questions? Email: Sid Lieberman
Phone: Carol Alter Fletcher 513-348-3700 


Make Checks Payable to: 

WHS Class of 60

P.O. Box 37208,

Cincinnati, OH 45222-0208

 (Donations appreciated)


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Send emails to Chuck Klein.

Joanne Honschopp (WHS'61) was commissioned to create this significant work of art depicting the era of our Woodward days. The impressionistic, acrylic on canvas is titled: "Spring Morning, 1960 WOODWARD HIGH SCHOOL." This original art work was exhibited at the 50th reunion and prints were given to each classmate attendee. The 24x30 painting, will be donated to the William Woodward Museum at a later date. Once hanging in the school display room, it will surely immortalize our class and our teenage years at Woodward.


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17 Dec 2013

As noted in a previous e-mail message (12 Dec 2013), there are a number of Woodwardites Who get together. Here is what I have so far:

Bill Moorman (wjmoorman@gmail.com) has been arranging informal monthly dinners (last Wednesday of each month) for any ‘59, ‘60 or ‘61 Woodwardite.

 Sid Lieberman (scllaw@hotmail.com) plans a number of weekly luncheons. 

Stuart Hodesh (stuart@hodesh.com) sets up a monthly luncheon also for any grad.
Bill Thornton (wgthornton@zoomtown.com), WHS ‘57, is the contact for members (all classes) of the fraternity: PHI BETA GAMMA. This is an irregular function that meets for lunch 3-4 times per year. 


Karen FRANKLIN Simmons (karensimmonds1@gmail.com) & Donna Ullner (dlullner@yahoo.com) do a Florida mini-reunion every year in February. 

Classmate friends: Though some of us reconnected after reaching . . . an older age, a few virtually met for the first time at a reunion and then became close while others have been friends and in contact since our days at Woodward (and before). It's astounding, unique and just plain fun. Is our class different? Maybe, maybe not. Remembrance of our roots is the conduit that forces the realization that high school classmates have the same Judeo-Christian values; have shared the same formative-years experiences and - like ourselves - are someone we'd enjoy being friends with.  We're more akin to brothers and sisters than siblings.

Just for fun, I'm posting a list of Woodwardites who've visited me at one and/or both of my farms (Cedar River Farm, Switzerland County, IN, 1977-1993 // Kamp Klein Farm, Brown County, OH, 2006 - Present):

Annette Margolis Klein ('61)
Jimmy Cohen ('60)
Alex Wilson ('59)
Stan Zappin ('60)
Ginger Tietmeyer Zappin ('61)
Howard Schrager ('60)
Bill Kissinger ('60)
Ben Cohen ('60)
Tony Krueger ('60)
Dick Klein ('61)
Larry Osky ('61)
Glenn Michaelson ('60)
Sid Lieberman ('60)
Janet Margolis Lieberman ('65)
Herb Margolis ('61)
Jeff Deutsch ('60)
Charlie Campbell ('59)
Jim Getz ('61)
Bobbie Swillinger Wittenbaum ('60)
Mike Hesse ('60)
Bill Miller ('60)
Judy Smith Miller ('60)
Ron Brown ('60)
Fred Zigler ('60)
Gerry Sapadin ('60)
Barry Ross ('60)
Pete Leeds ('60)
Jim Sachs ('60)
Jackie Golding Sachs ('61)
Ed Moser ('55)
Skip Korb ('61)
Nat Friedman ('60)
Peggy Rich Friedman('65)
Myron Schwartz ('60)
Bart Fogel ('60)
Bill Duning ('61)
Janie Brucher Duning ('61)
Barbara Lauterbach Ruxton('61)
Mickey Hoffman ('60)
Joanne Honschopp Lausche ('61)
Bruce Fister ('60)  
Melissa McGregor Fister ('61)

*   If you don't see your name on the list . . . when can I add it?

*   If you're on the list, when are you coming back?

If I've missed someone, please let me know.